Trollhunter Thomas
Thomas Schøien
is a student from Volda University College and is best friends with Johanna Pedersen and Kalle Stensvik. He was very enthusiastic about finding the "troll hunter" in Norway for their college. They catch up to Hans in an empty forest where Thomas is bitten by a Tusseladd troll that is later shot with a beam of UV light by Hans, transforming it into stone. Hans allows Thomas and the students to accompany him as long as they obey what he says. After Kalle was killed by troll, he hired Malika Malay-Olsen to replace him as their camera operator. After investigating a demolished tree field and an electrical power grid, Thomas and the group rest at an abandoned TSS cabin by the directions Hans in order to apprehend a Jotnar troll. After this, Thomas and Johanna reflect how they feel about their journey and Hans. After many attempts at luring the Jotnar to him, Hans delivers the final blow after giving his good-bye to Thomas and the group, saying, "I hope you have all the footage you need." He then orders them to get to a highway. They go to the highway after Hans kills the Jotnar troll. Thomas is shown to slowly be bleeding and developing rabies. After a bit of walking, the seismologist sees an oncoming TSS convoy. Thomas took the camera from Malika only to stop filming as he got onto the highway, leaving his fate unknown.


Early LifeEdit

Thomas' early life is much unknown. He sung in a church choir when he was younger. He met Johanna Pedersen and Kalle Stensvik at some point and they all became very close to each other. All three were accepted into Volda University College.

Investigating HansEdit



  • Car: Thomas owned a yellow-green colored car. It was the students' primary way transportation until it was destroyed, crushed, and slathered with slime. Hans seemed to imply that a troll had destroyed it.


  • Thomas Schøien was portrayed by actor Glenn Erland Tosterud.